Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Missing: Males on College Campuses - Missing: Males on College Campuses: "Kleinfeld, author of 'The Myth That Schools Shortchange Girls', states, 'In my own college classes, I see a sea change in the behavior of young men. In the 1980s, the young men talked in my classes about the same as young women. I know because each semester I measured male and female talk. Now so many young men are disengaged that the more articulate, ambitious women dominate the classroom ....and my office hours.'

Kleinfeld tried to trace the problem backward by interviewing high school students on plans for their future. She states, 'The young women almost always have a clear, realistic plan, go to college, have a career, often directed toward an idealistic goals about improving the environment.'

This clarity of vision and was generally absent in young men."

I believe this is because most of the waking hours of young men are spent on video games, pornography and sports in that order.

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Jobe Lewis said...


I'd like to know more about you're take on why this is. Certainly time viewing porn, playing video games, and playing sports are taking their time and energy, but aren't there deeper cultural things going on? The feminist fearing institutions of our country have played a part in driving men into passivity, haven't they? A man with a vision for anything other than leftist ideology doesn't have a place, and is usually run off of the university campus. What do you think?

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