Thursday, June 23, 2005

Eric Swanson: Evangelistic Apparel

Eric Swanson: Evangelistic Apparel: "I think how different it may have been had I worn a t-shirt with 'His Pain, Your Gain' or a hat that said 'WWJD.' Most likely it would have been hard to get someone to look me in the eye. So which type of clothing is more evangelistic? Which kind of apparel draws people to you? I think I'll wear my 2005 College World Series hat that I picked up this week at the Series in Omaha today...just to see what happens. Who knows who I might meet..."

This is how you do evangelism in Boulder and places like it. Maybe it's how you connect with people anywhere. I've often wondered how much of Christian apparel and paraphernalia is a defense mechanism against feeling judged by others. I suppose it depends on the person.

Read the whole thing. In fact read Eric's whole blog. It's new and chock full of rich bloggy goodness.

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