Tuesday, June 21, 2005


This post may shock you a little but since porn is the single greatest barrier (IMHO) between men on college campuses enjoying a relationship with the God that made them, I felt it appropriate.

The guys at XXXChurch went to a porn festival last week to try to bring truth and grace to a place filled with lies and judgment (porn is about false intimacy earned through performance = lies and judgement).

This is evangelism at it's edge. Here's my favorite passage from their memoirs of the event:

x3blog...the ramblings of mike and craig: OFF TO EROTICA LA: "From JR (My top 10 porn show moments)

It?s funny? I found myself answering the critics in my head before I started writing this. Then it occurred to me. The critics of XXXchurch.com were not at a porn show over the weekend. If you don?t get that, You?re probably a critic.

1. Sonny, the 25 year old x-professional skater now porn star, who told me ?All I want is fame, money and God is ok with how I?m doing it.? 2. James, a paraplegic who said, 'If you want to help me don?t pray for me, give me money so I can buy a prostitute to touch me? no one will touch me.? 3. The hundreds of people who told me I can?t get enough porn. 4. The guy in the red shirt who just got out of rehab for booze and was filling his bag with porn until he came to our booth. We talked and prayed, I?m pretty sure I ruined his porn show. 5. The guy in the blue shirt who told me he?s so addicted to porn he has no friends. 6. Donna who works for the LA convention center who thanks God she is no longer in the porn business. 7. Craig and Mike?s push to see healing and recovery in the name of Christ. 8. The 213 people who took the Wally Porn Free Challenge. 9. The young porn producer who admitted his industry is destroying people, after he told me XXXchurch is stupid. 10. My walk back to the hotel on Saturday night? I took an 8 block look at my life given the days events. I felt remorse, joy, disappointment, sorrow and peace. God wants us in the trenches. I will no longer be comfortable sitting in a pew, and if you don?t get that? your probably a critic. Thanks Craig, thanks Mike for getting it."

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