Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Advice for Traveling Workers 1

I recently read an incredibly wise excerpt from the papers of John R. Mott regarding wise living during frequent business travel.

Since I haven't been able to find it online, I wish to add it here in sections.

Part Five


I. Why do men break down physically in the Traveling Secretaryship?

I do not know of any who have broken down primarily because of indigestion, although there is need in such a work of exerting common sense and resolution as to simplicity of diet; as to having meals as nearly as possible at regular hours, in avoiding speaking right after meals, in avoiding committee meetings at meals. I do not recall any of our secretaries who have been incapacitated chiefly as a result of bad air or water, although vigilant care should be taken to secure sufficient good water and air. I emphasize sufficient, because probably not one in ten of us drink on-third as much water as he should and because few if any of us practice deep breathing sufficiently. Moreover, men are not being obliged to leave our work because they have not learned the desirability of adapting their clothing to the constant climatic changed, characterizing this country, to which one engaged in such a work is subjected, or because they have failed to use care in this respect after meetings and at other times when they are exhausted.

God has marvelously shielded our force through all the years so that not one of us has been physically shattered by accident or pestilence. Again, I don not think of any man in this work who has broken down by rusting out, that is, as a result of idleness. Why, then, do men break down in the traveling work? There is no question that not a few of them have done so. We recall nearly a score of men and women who have been thus set aside either temporarily or permanently. We are convinced that in the great majority of cases the direct cause is overwork, or the too exclusive employment of certain parts of the brain or nervous system. The indirect cause, and this is the vital point, is insufficient rest and exercise. The chief fault is not with our work or calling and its necessary and peculiar conditions, as it is, for example, in the case of miners. The fault is chiefly with ourselves. It is on this main point then - that of suitable rest and exercise- that we would concentrate our suggestions on the physical life.

More to come...

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