Friday, February 03, 2006

Teenager Attacks Three Men at Gay Bar in Massachusetts - New York Times

New York Times: "BOSTON, Feb. 2 — A teenager armed with a hatchet and a handgun seriously injured three people early Thursday at a gay bar in New Bedford, Mass., the police said."
Apparently the teen butcher is anti-Semitic and a Nazi.

What other ideology is popular in the world today that commits violence against homosexuals and Jews?

I'll give you three guesses and it's not Christianity.

Here's another hint: The Bush Administration is currently fighting a war against them in Iraq.

Another hint: no one has had the courage to make a major film denouncing this ideology. Except of course for Theo Van Gogh and he ended up like the poor souls in this bar.

Last hint: Kanye West has never portrayed a revered prophet of this ideology on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

Give up? Well, the New York Times would never see any similarity between this evil act against homosexuals and the queried ideology. You can bet they would if this were a shooting on an abortion clinic. If this happened in Iraq or Iran or Syria or Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan or Indonesia or Nigeria it wouldn't make the Times either.

I just figure evil is, you know, evil, and should be condemned wherever you find it.

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