Tuesday, February 28, 2006


I love pie.

This became vitally apparent to me last thanksgiving while Dave Letterman was reading from the list of potential pies made by his mom. Every year when he reads those pies I remember how much I love pie. This year something changed.

Since that fateful day in November I have made pie a bigger part of my life. I have experienced much more pie happiness since then. I've also put on about 10 lbs.

I'm on a quest best described by a question from a colleague: "Ryan, what's your favorite kind of pie?"

Ryan: "That's I'm trying to figure out."

So far, I must say that cherry pie is unfailingly delicious. I'm a fruit pie man primarily.

Blueberry, marionberry, peach and Dutch apple round out the top 5.

Tonight was a special night because I had my first piece of sweet potato pie. It's not a fruit pie but it rules over pumpkin pie with an iron fist. I'm in South Carolina for a conference and this restaurant is amazing.

I love the word pie. I like saying it.


I look forward to eating my first strawberry rhubarb pie.

If you have any suggestions on where to get a great pie in Colorado or Boston, please note it in the comments section.

I would be grateful.



r.fuel said...

Heh. Nice.

Steve Van Diest said...

In So Cal my grandma makes the best straw rub pie.

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