Wednesday, February 15, 2006

"Munich" and revenge

My review of Munich is here.

Prager, as always, has interesting commentary. :: Columns :: "Munich" and revenge by Dennis Prager - Jan 10, 2006: "But what could be more just, more moral, than Israel targeting only the murderers for death? Though the film attempts to portray the Israeli response as morally useless -- with 'cycle of violence' and 'it accomplishes nothing since they just substitute a new terrorist for the one last killed' arguments -- the film is nevertheless a tremendous compliment to the Israelis.

First, it shows how careful the Israelis were to kill only the murderers (though the Israeli hit team did in fact kill one innocent Moroccan in Norway, which is not shown in the film).

Second, while the Israelis are constantly asking themselves if they are doing what is right, there is not a hint of moral self-inquiry among the Palestinians. For good reason.

So while the film is dedicated to the proposition that men involved in killing murderers become themselves morally inferior beings and therefore pay a great personal price for their war on evil, the facts of the film, as opposed to the made-up dialogue, suggest quite the opposite: That the world is a better place when revenge and justice are the same."

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