Wednesday, February 15, 2006

End of the Spear (2006)

End of the Spear (2006)

I saw this a few weeks ago and I was moved by the courage displayed in this story, especially the courage of the woman.

The movie is a bit amateurish in spots but is well done on the whole.

The story is very moving. The fact that it is true is almost unbelievable.

A friend forwarded me details about the lead actor who is a gay activist. This story offers some background.

When I got home from watching the film, I read some of the online reviews. I was amazed at the hubris and bias present in many of the mainstream media reviews.

This review from TV guide is a prime example:

Jim Hanon, a former ad exec who had previously dealt with the Saint family's story in his first film, the 2005 documentary BEYOND THE GATES OF SPLENDOR, never once mentions the name of Jesus Christ in the course of his film, but clearly He is what the Waodani, whose complex culture and religion are completely overshadowed here by their violence and pounding jungle drums, need in their lives. When a fearful Steve asks Nate whether he'd ever use a gun against the Waodani, Nate piously replies, "We can't shoot the Waodani. They're not ready for heaven. We are." Hanon neglects to mention more secular causes for the increase in killings among the threatened Waodani, such as outside oil exploration and the introduction of new diseases, all of which can be tied to the kind of foreign interference that's represented here only in its most benign form. -— Ken Fox
I'm sure Ken Fox at TV guide is more of an expert on this indigenous tribe than the people who lived with them for decades and died in their service.


Can you imagine Fox trying to justify the murder of a homosexual in Texas (Brokeback Mountain), a race murder in LA (Crash) or the persecution of communists (Good Night, and Good Luck).

Neither can I. But those Christian missionaries had it coming.

Some are worthy of understanding and compassion, others are not. I guess that's what passes for tolerance at TV guide.

This article is about the echo chamber of Hollywood and the Academy Awards. Apparently the narrow minds include critics as well.


I forgot my rating.

My Rating: Big Screen

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