Thursday, May 18, 2006

Censored: The trials of non-muslim fundamentalists

Censored: Cineplex Odeon bans ads at Discuss DaVinci Code: "Vancouver - May 17-06 — Cineplex Odeon theaters today cancelled a planned in-theater advertising campaign by Campus Crusade for Christ. Valued at more than $60,000, the ads were part of the organization’s program encouraging the public to view The Da Vinci Code movie and explore religious issues raised by the film."
Oh yeah, talk is bad. Tolerance = Ban showing blasphemous images of Mohammed, and ban Christians gently encouraging discussion.

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Philip Booth said...

I caught the advance screening on Tuesday night, and I was completely UNDERwhelmed.

Aside from the first 15 minutes or so, it's talky, overlong and plain dull.

Tom Hanks looks bored and tired. And way too much of the "thriller" is given over to having people talk about the "facts" related to the conspiracy, rather than thrilling us with the pursuit of the answers.

Several critics in the audience chuckled during those moments when the big "secrets" are revealed.

I posted a review of the movie on my blog.

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