Thursday, May 18, 2006

Up late after a date...

I'm up really late purging and organizing before we move next week.

I made the tragic blunder of indulging in a brownie and coffee at Starbucks after 7 pm.

My wife and I went out on a date earlier.

I realized at some point when I was eating it that those crunches in my mouth were not chocolate chips; rather they were coffee beans.

Holy Java Stimulants, Batman!

I tried to sleep but I couldn't even relax my jaw.

I should go to bed but I'm liable to wake my wife with a fit of tryingtogetcomfortable maneuvers.
She's been waking up and packing stuff anyway. She wakes up in the middle of the night and thinks of things to do for our move and then gets out of bed and does them on the spot.

She would have been a good vampire.

But that would suck for me.

I better go to bed.

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steve said...


You really need to brush up on your vampire lore. What are they teaching seminarians these days?

If your wife were a vamp, she'd be a blood-sucker, which would suck (pardon the pun) for you in a positive sense cuz she'd turn you into a fellow creature of the night so that you and she could spend eternity together as the ageless undead.

How do you expect to witness to the Goth subculture unless you're up on these juicy (pardon the pun) details? :-)

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