Thursday, May 04, 2006

Where have you gone Gary Barnett?...

Barry's Journal: Smoke ‘Em if You Got Em: "I use this picture with me in it, not because I find it flattering, but because it clearly shows the haze of pot smoke which was hovering above Farand Field yesterday. April 20th, known as '420' has become the traditional day for the students of CU Boulder to rush the field and smoke marijuana at 4:20pm. "
Click the link to see the hazy picture. Several years ago, students at CU Boulder were accused of rape and carousing. They happened to be athletes so the football coach was blamed by the administration and the local community for their behavior.

So in the world of the University, you can tell students that there is no such thing as Truth, Right and Wrong, God etc; you can allow hundreds to smoke illegal (or should I say "undocumented") drugs in the middle of campus under a midday sun; and when students continue their habit of implicitly sanctioned illegal activity, accuse the football of "lacking institutional control".

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