Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Amahoro Africa

Amahoro Africa:
"When I first left Africa back in 1992, I was few months shy of being 18 years old; I saw my departure as an opportunity to exit poverty, despair and confusion. At that time I promised my parents that I would never return to Africa - they were proud of me. They believed (and I did too) that this was my way out of extreme poverty. Their hope was that I would leave Africa so I could make money to send home and help the family. I just wanted to get out and leave this hopeless place behind me.
It took me traveling to France to meet Jesus. When I did meet Jesus, I came to understand that transformation is integral to who He is and what it means to follow Him. I learned that He did care about what was happening in Burundi… and that changed everything for me! He loved the poor, cared about the sick and longed for peace between tribes. His compassion was extended to me, my family and my countrymen. Jesus grew a new love for Africa and my family in my heart and for the first time, I loved Africa."

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rusty akers said...

Pretty cool stuff huh? Claude and I are becoming friends, he is a very special person.


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