Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Why I hate Presidential "Debates"

Hugh Hewitt

The most important moment of the debate was the discussion begun by Ron Paul --now clearly revealed as a fringe candidate who ought not to be on the stage-- who argued that America invited the 9/11 attacks and was rightly and strongly rebuked by Giuliani. A wide screen shot showed many of the candidates ready to join in a discussion of what motivates our enemy, a conversation that would have gone a long way towards making the debate significant. But at just this moment Wendall Goller decided he had to ask his prepared questions instead of allowing an authentic debate to break out. The moment passed, and the candidates went back to the staggered (and usually dull) one minute riffs on this or that. The hardest thing for an interviewer to do is listen and be willing to abandon the script when such a moment arrives. Goller missed such a moment.

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