Sunday, May 06, 2007

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CHAVARRIA: It comes up in conversations, not necessarily during the documentary. The Marines do talk about why they’re there and what they think their mission is and they a belief in what they’re doing.

COLMES: And what do they think their mission is?

CHAVARRIA: Well they think their mission is to help Iraq become a democracy and in the documentary they say that they’re over their to prevent another 9/11. They rather be over there in Iraq, fighting –

COLMES: Well, I keep hearing that argument, but that would predispose “I rather be over there than over here.” Every terrorist that wants to kill us is over there and in terms of creating another democracy, even the administration has backed off that as the original mission and now simply saying we want to stay there long enough to have Iraq handle it’s own security. The idea of actually creating a democracy in our image has long since passed what they thought they could accomplish in Iraq.

CHAVARRIA: Well, I’m just telling you what they said in the documentary, Alan. I’m not trying to make any political statement. I’m just telling you what they said and that’s what they believe and I think that a lot of the media that comes out is negative and it’s interesting to hear stories of when our troops come back and see a lot of negative news and –

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