Sunday, May 20, 2007

Death Sonnet

Recently a distant family member died. Her faith and her life are found in this sonnet, written by her. It contains both echoes of Donne and a fitting tribute to its author.

And now, death stands within my shuttered door

And bids me hence against my faltering will,

And all the songs I sang I'll sing no more,

And all the whisperings of love be still.

Then take me, death, if taking me you must,

And let my memories no more return.

Reduce my struggling body into dust

Securely sealed within a lidded urn.

Yet from that secret, silent grave shall rise

My living soul, redeemed, unfettered, free,

To wing its way above to heavenly skies

To be with Him, my Lord, eternally

When you, O Death, will ever banished be

And mine shall be the joyous victory.

Molly Frick Wampler

April 25, 1906 - March 15, 2007

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