Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Speaking of Secular Extremists...

New York Daily News - Home - Top prof sparks outrage: "A Brooklyn College professor who called religious people 'moral retards' was elected to head his department this month - sparking a campus uproar."

Dennis Prager has observed rightly that although the term "religious extremist" is common in current ideological debates, the term "secular extremist" is unheard of.

That's because in the minds of Education and Media elites, one cannot be too secular.

I've said for some time now that the greatest barrier between students and the Gospel is moral, not intellectual or historical. This story is evidence of that fact.

Students generally don't believe in intellectual Truth or historical Truth. They do however harbor an inner sense of moral truth.

Students have been told by their professors, and now heads of department, that earnest Christians are 'moral retards'.

Is there any other group that professors so easily and openly subject to derision? Can you imagine using the term 'retards' for any other group and not being fired?

Now imagine that your religious and trying to earn a grade from one of these "open minded" profs.

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