Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Don't be a bigot.

Cathy's World: "Narnia is sexist. "Girls always come second to boys,"” Alison Lurie wrote last week in the Guardian. "“They have fewer adventures." Actually, Lewis typically makes his main protagonists in each story one boy and one girl, and the girl is usually more sympathetic. The English child who discovers Narnia in the first book is a girl, the brave and virtuous Lucy, who also has the closest relationship to Aslan. "
This idea the Christianity is somehow anti-woman is fortunately an illusion that can stand up to facts.

It reminds me of the absurd premise of Dan Brown's mega-hit book The Da Vinci Code. Namely that the Roman Catholic church is so anti-woman thatsuppressedssed portions of the "real" bible in favor of the "received" bible. Never mind the fact that many of the central (and most courageous) characters in the crucifixion/resurrection story are women and that women are featured throughout the New Testament. Those who dispute this claim compare the New Testament with modern standards of egalitarianism. Compare the New Testament to any contemporaneous work of literature and you'll find that it is a radical document of feminine dignity.

Of course facts don't matter to bigots. Don't be a bigot against Christianity.

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Mark Kodak said...

Great post.

Also, the promise of the coming messiah was first spoken to the serpent, and emphasized the important role of the woman through childbearing. The Passion movie also tore away a few layers of misogyny I did not even realize I harbored.

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