Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Prager: Death Penalty Blood :: Dennis Prager: "They are right. I, for one, readily acknowledge that as a proponent of the death penalty, my advocacy could result in the killing of an innocent person.

I have never, however, encountered any opponents of the death penalty who acknowledge that they have the blood of innocent men and women on their hands.

Yet they certainly do. Whereas the shedding of innocent blood that proponents of capital punishment are responsible for is thus far, thankfully, only theoretical, the shedding of innocent blood for which opponents of capital punishment are responsible is not theoretical at all. Thanks to their opposition to the death penalty, innocent men and women have been murdered by killers who would otherwise have been put to death."

For example, read the whole thing.

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candleman said...

Dennis just has a way of hitting the "ole nail" right on the head, doesn't he. He's been on my blog roll for a while...BTW I just added you too.


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