Sunday, December 04, 2005

Why there's a felt need for New Media

On both the Left and Atlantic Left coasts of the contiguous United States, major newspapers regularly play fast and loose with facts, preferring to promote an agenda. Thus arises the need for those who may lack hordes of editors, but seem to be able to muster better journalism than the newspapers "of record" while correcting the poor journalism of the so-called "mainstream" newspapers.

Here's an almost daily example of the New York Times and LA Times taking their just lumps. -: "GREG DJEREJIAN IS correcting Maureen Dowd on Iraq. That's kind of the Bunny Slope of blogging, but he handles it with panache.

UPDATE: In a similar low-challenge vein, Rand Simberg notes dishonesty about the war at the Los Angeles Times. Easy, but as always, worthwhile."

They say imitation is the greatest flattery.

Contempt is the greatest insult.

Bunny slopes! {-0

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