Saturday, August 20, 2005

Eric Swanson: 1776

Eric Swanson: 1776: "1776 fills in many of the gaps in early American history. What was most amazing about the book was the incredible odds that Americans overcame to ultimately prevail in our quest for independence. We lost nearly every conflict, troops were deserting in droves...many defecting to the British, morale was often low and Washinton's leadership was in question. The 350 page book includes only two American victories in 1776--Boston and Trenton on Christmas night, where the Americans crossed the Delaware to surprise the British and Hessian soldiers. "
I wonder if there were a lot of "Cindy Sheehans" in that time, demanding an end to the Revolution because of grief at their dead. I'm glad Washington and the signers of the Declaration of Independence prevailed.

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