Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Higher Education? The University of Nude Copulating Asians

Mike S. Adams: "Indeed it was an experience. It was a film called 'Masters of the Pillow', produced by a professor of Asian-American studies out at U.C. Davis named Darrel Hamamoto. I learned of the event after I had dropped my daughter off for swim practice at UNCA one afternoon. I looked down on the sidewalk and saw a promotional pamphlet for the film. On the front was a photograph of an Asian couple having sex with a shot of Dr. Hamamoto lecturing behind them in front of a chalkboard. The pamphlet described the basic premise of the film, which was that Dr. Hamamoto felt Asian-American men had become emasculated by popular American culture, and that this project of his was supposed to somehow change that."
And to think how many parents took out a second mortgage to pay folks like Dr. Hamamoto to teach there kids silliness that will be forgotten in a decade. (Hat Tip: Ken Miller)

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