Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Great Raid (2005)

I also saw this the other night. My wife was not ready for a tough edged war film, but then again she never is. And what else were we going to see on our date night? The 40 year old Virgin? Wedding Crashers? Deuce Bigalow the disgusting Gigolo? Those aren't exactly what I would call "chick flicks". Come on Hollywood, you're killin' me. But I digress...

I'm really glad I saw this film, in the same way that I'm glad I saw Band of Brothers.

This is not anywhere near as good as Band of Brothers but then again it isn't 10 hours long and it is better than a few of the one hour episodes of BoB.

In two hours this film tells an amazing and true story of heroism and the horror of torture and slaughter in Japanese POW camps. The next time someone asks why Truman dropped the Bomb, remind them that surrender was a disgrace to the Japanese and then show them this film. It puts the current discussion about Guantanamo Bay in proper historical perspective.

Dont' miss it on the Big Screen.

My rating: Big Screen

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