Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Eric Swanson: Amish Honeymooners

Eric Swanson: Amish Honeymooners: "As we were standing in line purchasing our tickets we couldn't help but notice three young (late teens / early 20's) Amish couples all dressed as...well Amish--the girls in bonnets, aprons and long skirts and the boys w/ pants without back pockets, C. Everett Coop beards and Dutchboy haircuts."

And then they went racing.

This is the kind of thing that always seems to happen when Eric Swanson is around.


steve said...

Amish go-cart racing? What's the world coming to? The last strand of my youthful idealism is forever dashed! What's next? Amish pogo-stick racing? Banish the thought!

Sean B. said...

Now THIS is interesting!! Wow, what a story!

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