Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Nihil Fit: McLaren, A Series of Unfortunate Literary Events

Nihil Fit: "Firstly, I'm genuinely torn. I really enjoyed McLaren's book. As someone in vocational ministry who is at a point in his career similar to that of the fictional protagonist, many of the pages of McLaren's book were deeply affirming and therapeutic. As a work of fiction, it seemed like a well-crafted and creative narrative, but I'm no writer.

On the other proverbial hand, there were problems that no amount of existential empathy could overcome. "
Whither Brian McLaren?


chris gadsden said...

What did you mean by "whither Brian McLaren?" I don't understand.

McRyanMac said...

What I meant was, with McLaren you always have to sort the wheat from the chaff. Even when he makes important points, it seems always mixed with irresponsible or dangerously ambiguous statements.

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