Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Breaking the Da Vinci Code - The Movie...

Reviews: Breaking the Da Vinci Code - Christianity Today Movies: "Breaking the Da Vinci Code is the latest DVD release from Grizzly Adams Productions, which primarily produces 'sweeps week' television specials and series for the PAX-TV Network. The documentary is based on three books from an evangelical perspective: Breaking the Da Vinci Code by Darrell Bock, The Da Vinci Deception by Erwin Lutzer, and Cracking Da Vinci's Code by James Garlow.

The documentary's purpose is clearly stated when one expert interviewee says, 'Mr. Brown's assertions of accuracy once again fall before modern scholarship.'

The documentary begins by summarizing the plot and basic premise of The Da Vinci Code for those who have not read it. However, the movie focuses its investigation on Brown's opening sentence in his book's preface: 'FACT: All descriptions of artwork, architecture, documents and secret rituals in the novel are accurate.' The narrator further clarifies, 'Brown's assertions of fact are central to our investigation of his work, along with the reasons he gave to justify those assertions.'

Thus begins a sweeping examination of the people, places, and events mentioned in The Da Vinci Code. Along the way, Breaking the Da Vinci Code revisits Arthurian legend, the Gnostic Gospels, the Council of Bishops at Nicea, the canonization of the New Testament, the conversion of Constantine and the paintings of the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper.

The documentary also analyzes the origin, nature, and activities of Opus Dei and the Priory of Sion, along with the relationship of Jesus Christ to Mary Magdalene, all of which are central elements of The Da Vinci Code story."

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