Sunday, May 22, 2005

Bush: Oil in India?

From The Australian quoted viaPower Line: "The Bush administration, far more cohesive with Condoleezza Rice as Secretary of State, has launched a diplomatic offensive with India that is stunning in its rhetoric and serious in its content. 'India's relations with the US are now the best they have ever been,' says Rajiv Sikri, the senior official on East Asia at India's external affairs ministry.

In a calculated State Department briefing in Washington on March 25 (now famous in New Delhi), the real US purpose was made explicit. The spokesman said that Bush and Rice earlier this year 'developed the outline for a decisively broader strategic relationship' between the US and India. When Rice went to New Delhi she presented this outline to Singh, its purpose being 'to help India become a major world power in the 21st century', the abiding dream of the Indian elite."

Wait a minute, I thought Bush was Hitler. What is he doing strengthening other democracies?

Does India have Oil? Israel doesn't either. Hmm. There both democracies. That's an odd coincidence.

Oh, that's right that freedom thing he's always talking about.

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