Saturday, May 21, 2005

Fight for your right to be bloggy! ||: "Time is running out. The public comment period for the FEC's proposed rulemaking regarding your freedom online ends on June 3rd. I can tell you that they have not yet received nearly as many comments as they expected.

There is a threat. You need to act.

More important - you as a blogger or just a reader have input the FEC needs. They need to know what sort of things you do (or will do) online. Do you raise funds for candidates? Do you have a group blog that might get a little revenue? Are you considering incorporating to protect yourself from liability?

You don't have to be a lawyer to comment, and you don't have to write 10 pages of legalese. Just send an email to and explain your concerns. If you've got any extra time you can actually skim the rule and see all the places that the FEC asks for comment.


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sean b said...

Sent on 5/22/2005

Dear Mr. Deutsch, Assistant General Counsel

I write this on behalf of the recent changes that may take place regarding
publication communication and the Internet. My aim is to lobby for the
millions of young people who express themselves on a daily basis as "bloggers."

What you'll find in an overwhelming majority of our daily entries is a public
journal. When I first read a few blogs in 2004, I questioned the fad that was
overcoming many citizens. However, I began seeing something much more valuable
in blogging: free expression.

To be fully honest, what you will find in the blogs of young people across our
nation is authentic forum. In browsing through the entries of teens and
college students I have found anonymous cutters who cannot find the strength to
tell a true friend or parent, religious expression on every level, boyfriend and
girl friend issues and simple book and DVD recommendations.

Earlier in April, I was told by two professional mentors to make my blog my own
and to make my forum a personal extension of my personality. It was then that
I knew that my role as a blogger was here to stay.

Because I identify myself through blogging,
Sean E. Berger

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