Monday, May 09, 2005

Make it easier to read on your computer...

The I.T. Workshop - Tech Tips: "Turn on ClearType Font-Rendering Technology
Get that extra text clarity you've always wanted. The incredible Microsoft ClearType® technology can be enabled in Windows XP to smooth all fonts at all sizes, making the whole system so much easier to read. I don't know how I lived without it! To turn on ClearType: Click Start, click Control Panel, and then click Appearance and Themes. Click the Display icon, click the Appearance tab, and then click Effects. Click the Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts check box to select it, and select ClearType from the list. Click OK, and then click OK again. Happy reading."
This is really a great tip. However you must click the Display control panel in order to find the Appearance tab and implement this setting (at least on my machine running XP).

Happy reading.

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