Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Foofadilly - Why I have a problem with Campus Crusade for Christ

Here's a student (actually a number of them) blogging on how politically incorrect Campus Crusade's name is.

Foofadilly: "What kind of a name for an organization is that? Campus f---ing CRUSADE for Christ? I feel I should inform my Christian friends that a crusade is not a positive event. It's ethnic slaughter in the name of religion."

This is one reason why anyone in student ministry should be blogging. The conversation is going on on campus. It's just not face to face anymore.


steve said...

Problem #1. Foofadily is just a mouthpiece for whatever words his liberal college prof. stuffs into his wide-open mouth. He should learn to read and think for himself instead of acting like a tape recorder on playback. He'd rather feel enlightened than be enlightened.
Second, there's a value in a Christian organization having a provocative name. That's a great conversation starter. Breaks the ice.

sean b said...

I posted onto this particular blog ring, but my comments were not approved by the blog-owner, to my knowledge.

I know a small thing our spring break conversation did for me, Ryan, was make me a more-committed blogger. Standing on the foundations of the Truth is a very exciting thing to do each day.

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