Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Dennis Prager: Newsweek and the rioters

Dennis Prager: Newsweek and the rioters: "Did any Buddhists riot and murder when the Taliban Muslims blew up the irreplaceable giant Buddhist statues in Afghanistan?

Did any Christians riot and murder when an 'artist' produced 'Piss Christ' -- a crucifix immersed in a jar of the 'artist's' urine? When all Christian services and even the wearing of a cross were banned in Saudi Arabia? When Christians are murdered while at prayer in churches by Muslims in Pakistan?

Have any Jews rioted in all the years since it was revealed that Jordanian Muslims used Jewish tombstones in Old Jerusalem as latrines? Or after Palestinians destroyed Joseph's Tomb in 2000 and set fire to the rebuilt tomb in 2003?

It is quite remarkable that many Muslims believe that an American interrogator flushing pages of the Koran is worthy of rioting, but all the torture, slaughter, terror and mass murder done by Muslims in the name of the Koran are unworthy of even a peaceful protest."

Speaking of "Piss Christ", how come "transgressive" artists don't relish the opportunity to bath the Koran in their own urine. Maybe it's because they know what will happen.

Maybe "transgressive" only applies when your pretty confident you won't get the Salman Rushdie treatment.


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