Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Child Population Dwindles in San Francisco

Child Population Dwindles in San Francisco - Yahoo! News: "It is no mystery why U.S. cities are losing children. The promise of safer streets, better schools and more space has drawn young families away from cities for as long as America has had suburbs.

But kids are even more scarce in San Francisco than in expensive New York (24 percent) or in retirement havens such as Palm Beach, Fla., (19 percent), according to Census estimates.

San Francisco's large gay population — estimated at 20 percent by the city Public Health Department — is thought to be one factor, though gays and lesbians in the city are increasingly raising families.

Another reason San Francisco's children are disappearing: Family housing in the city is especially scarce and expensive. A two-bedroom, 1,000-square-foot starter home is considered a bargain at $760,000.

A recent survey by the city controller found 40 percent of parents said they were considering pulling up stakes within the next year."

An interesting factoid. What is the effect on an adult, of a life lived with little contact with children?

We report. You decide.


Jobe Lewis said...

If we can get rid of all accountability and consequences for our actions, then we will have reached true bliss, and be in touch with our true unoppressive humanity! (For those of you without the ability to detect sarcasm, there is some here)

Sean B said...

It seems is if the ever-reminding innocence of children--in its absence--would lower morality, but what happens to the city in another 40 years when the working class is long-retired? The city's youngest college students would then be 60 years old!

However, this trend is in God's hands & wouldn't continue to the city's retired end. How near-sighted a thought this would be!

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