Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Froggy Ruminations: Why the Left Doesn't Get It

Froggy Ruminations: Why the Left Doesn't Get It: "In significant contrast to the media’s dismissal of this event, is their hyper-criticality of the U.S. Military. Over the last few years, we have gone through countless news cycles with the MSM doing backloops through its collective grommet to find some kind of dirt on American troops and often, in the process, becoming willing dupes of our enemies’ propaganda efforts. If they happen to catch it on film they will demonize the most junior soldier for using justifiable force against the terrorists trying to kill him, only playing enough footage so as to shed the worst light possible.

What did our troops do to the left and the MSM to deserve this treatment? Was it putting aside their families and careers in order to serve something larger than themselves? Was it cheering when the President of the United States declared unequivocally that terrorist were no longer going to murder Americans with impunity? Was it for having the spine to stand up for noble purposes like maintaining the security of our Nation and securing freedom for the oppressed? It was all of these things."

Well said.

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steve said...

Whatever one thinks of the Iraq war, what I'm most struck by is the glaring contrast between the magnificent bravery, restraint, generosity, and self-sacrifice of our men in uniform in comparison to the evil and cowardice of the Muslims.

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