Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Big Truth

Confederate Yankee: The Big Truth: "Officials did not expect a breach of the levees before Hurricane Katrina, and still thought they'd dodged a bullet almost six hours after the storm made landfall.

That's the Big Truth of what was expected of the New Orleans levees, and the Big Truth about ten words that some opportunists would conflate into a disaster all their own."
Reporting of Hurricane Katrina has shaken my faith in the ability to believe anything that I read in a newspaper. Without links to primary sources (like blogs or footnotes) why should I believe anything on TV news or in a newspaper. Even when they have the source material (as in the story above) they still mess it up. It's like their trying to get it wrong. At least in one direction.

Remember, it's not news unless it hurts GWB.

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