Friday, March 10, 2006

Katrina Relief not included in the Da Vinci Code

A report from the front lines of the battle for humanity. It's not clear how this plays into the global conspiracy to suppress the Divine Feminine:

"I just finished touring "Camp Premier," the FEMA work camp in St. Bernard's Parish in New Orleans with Franklin Graham and the report they gave us on the Campus Crusade student volunteers and those of Samaritan's Purse was heartwarming. We went to meet some of the 800 Crusade workers, primarily from NC State, Bowling Green, and Michigan and Franklin was able to thank and encourage them. The camp is the most impressive thing I have ever seen related to disaster relief. Some 2,000 volunteers are there working in 10-person teams "gutting" out homes at the rate of one every day and a half. They will do 500 homes a week out of this single camp.

The head man told us how he could not do this work without the Christian kids and organizations. It was a great testimony to see and hear about the critical role that Crusade, Samaritan's Purse, NAMB, and others are playing here. In fact, it struck me today, that without the church of Jesus Christ, there would be very little taking place here in New Orleans.

The mayor of nearby Gretna recently told Franklin, "in the weeks after the storm, I didn't see one FEMA truck, I didn't see one Red Cross vehicle, but I saw church buses from Iowa, and Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Without the church, we would not have had any help at all."

Franklin and Billy are here this week for a Celebration of Hope, Saturday and Sunday in the New Orleans Arena. Today, they both toured the Lower 9th Ward. Words cannot describe the scene, even today. But I was so proud of Campus Crusade and wanted to encourage you with this report. God is being lifted high by you all and others down here. Well done."
I haven't seen any cartoons about this here either.

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