Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Why Jon Stewart isn't funny

Why Jon Stewart isn't funny - The Boston Globe: "Meet Joshua Goldberg, a fictional composite of the typical apostle of ''The Daily Show.' Born in Newton, Goldberg attended Newton South High School where he played an integral role in securing the school's debate championship. His 3.8 grade point average and impressive array of extracurricular activities earned him a scholarship to Vassar, where he majored in political science and joined a Jewish fraternity. Throughout his formal education, Goldberg stayed up-to-date on national politics through nightly coverage on ''The Daily Show' and even led a petition to protest the genocide in Darfur.

Many of Stewart's die-hard supporters might use this persona as proof that ''The Daily Show' engages disillusioned viewers who otherwise could not be reached. This argument, however, fails to consider the ultimate career path of Josh Goldberg: Upon graduation in 2004, he accepted a prestigious job as an analyst at Morgan Stanley. Although he no longer follows Washington's daily political squabbles, Goldberg gives a significant annual contribution to the Democratic Party.

The tragedy of this portrait is not that investment banking corrupts young souls (although one could argue otherwise), but rather that the students who abandon politics out of a naive self-consciousness often represent our country's most idealistic minds. Stewart's daily dose of political parody characterized by asinine alliteration leads to a ''holier than art thou' attitude toward our national leaders. People who possess the wit, intelligence, and self-awareness of viewers of ''The Daily Show' would never choose to enter the political fray full of ''buffoons and idiots.' Content to remain perched atop their Olympian ivory towers, these bright leaders head straight for the private sector."
This guy can't win for losing. He spends years ragging on the Bush Administration and he gets his chops busted from the left for doing it.

I've always thought that Stewart's comedy is funnier to the ignorant. I think he has great timing but he trades on a lack of information, or in other words the MSM.

I must say that I gained respect for Stewart at the Oscars. Instead of playing to the crowd assembled there by continuing his usual scoffing of GWB, he made fun of Hollywood.

I don't think he'll be invited back. But I actually hope he is. Here's to you Jon. At least your an equal opportunity punk.

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