Friday, March 31, 2006

The Unforgivable Sin: America?

After having 3 of their members freed from terrorists in Iraq (a fourth was beheaded last month), the "Christian Peacemaker Teams" couldn't bring themselves to acknowledge the sinners who made the rescue possible. The following theological commentary is fascinating.
OpinionJournal - Best of the Web Today: "But if the CPT is going to 'love our enemies,' the least it could do is thank them. The statement does not acknowledge that the hostages were rescued by U.S. and British servicemen, or indeed that they were rescued at all; it refers mysteriously to their having been 'released,' as if the kidnappers themselves had decided to let them go.

This seems to run deeper than a case of simple ingratitude. There is a whole strange worldview at work here--a theology, if you will. We don't claim to understand it fully, but it seems to equate America as the root of all evil and America's adversaries as Edenic creatures--innocents who know not good or evil and thus bear no culpability for their bad actions.

If we have this right, it follows that the CPT Christians see themselves, by virtue of their faith, as being forgiven for being American, or for being from another nation that America has corrupted. This is why they cannot be grateful to, or forgiving of, America: For them that would amount to thanking or forgiving sin itself."

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