Friday, March 10, 2006

16 Blocks (2006)

16 Blocks (2006)

Saw this tonight. I'm making a concerted effort to blog on a movie right after I see it. As if...

16 blocks is a story of redemption, and I'm a sucker for those.

Bruce Willis plays a role that is familiar to anyone who has seen Die Hard, but his time he has a more interesting objective.

He must get Mos Def 16 blocks to testify in court. Mos Def is the best part of this film. He is a fine actor and this role proves it. I've not seen him in much but I loved his brief role in Monster's Ball. In this movie he is quirky, engaging and sympathetic.

David Morse is also in the film and he's pretty classic. I can't decide whether I like him better as a bad guy (as in this film and others like Extreme Measures, which a great moral conflict film) or as a good guy (as in Contact). He's got great presence, even if he plays the same bad/good guy in every film.

The movie has a sweetness born of redemption. People can change. If you believe this you will enjoy this movie. If you don't you will think it is silly.

There are some silly plot twists or rather far fetched devices to move the story forward.

It's not the best film in the world but it has noble themes and interesting dialogue, and these are a few of my favorite things.

My Rating: Rentable

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