Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Icarus and violence against Gays

Icarus Poe said in the comments section of this post:

"Could you perhaps supply me with one or two examples of "Islamofascist"-on-gay violence in this country?"

I'm glad you asked. The first issue to consider is that in this country (USA) violence against homosexuals is rightly criminal and punishable by law. This means that violence against gays by Islamofascists is probably secret. I don't have any offhand examples in this country.

But ask yourself this, what countries criminalize homosexuality? Here's an article that gives you many examples. It takes about 5 seconds to find this stuff.

But why go all the way back to last year? Here's an issue as fresh as today's headlines:

What would you say if you found out that one of the murderers of Matthew Shepard was given a special exception to attend an elite Ivy League school? Couldn't happen? Well not if you're a cowboy from Wyoming, but if you are an Islamofascist it's the Yale you say: Click here for fresh evidence.

Here's a lengthy presentation to the UN about Taliban violence against gays. This is just one example of the policies of the "administration" that this Yale student used to represent:

The two, Abdul Sami, 18, and Bismillah, 22, residents of Herat province,
were placed beside a wall of dried mud which was bulldozed upon them.
They had been detained four months earlier accused of sodomy and
sentenced by a Shari'a court to death by
crushing a wall upon them.

News of the execution was carried by the official Taliban Radio Voice of
Shari'a, which stated:

"Shari'a-prescribed punishment has been administered to two sodomites
[in] Herat Province. Bakhtar Information Agency informed us [two men]
who had been arrested by security officials on charges of committing
sodomy were publicly punished for their deeds in the city of Herat
today. The cases of the accused were investigated by the public
prosecution office of Herat Province where the accused confessed to
their crimes without duress or torture. Following the completion of the
investigation the cases were sent for judicial decision by primary,
appeal and discernment courts which passed their verdicts. Having
received the assent of His Eminence Amirol Momenin, the judicial
decision was administered at a stadium in the city of Herat today."

These evils are just the ones that can be proven. Imagine life under the Taliban for homosexuals.

Icarus, you and I both know that there's a cowboy in the White House that won't be invited to speak at Yale anytime soon. But Islamofascists are welcome?

One would expect artists in Hollywood and elsewhere to be speaking out about such things, and using their art to the same end.

I'm a fan of Ang Lee but I'm still waiting for a filmmaker with the courage to take on this kind of oppression. Of course Ang Lee won't receive a death sentence from cowboys in Wyoming or Texas, which is why making a film about Islamofascist-on-gay violence would be far more "courageous".

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