Sunday, March 19, 2006

Pie Update: Lemon Meringue

My ode to pie was well received, at least by my Dad.

Since then I have had a delightful mixed berry by from Costco. Costco always has great pies and they are as big as a tire.

I am currently working on a lemon meringue pie from Perkins. It's not close to a favorite and my family hates it.

I've recently been informed of some new pie intelligence. Apparently, Maine is famous for a unique strain of wild blueberries, making Maine Wild Blueberry Pie a conquest that lies in my future.

And it turns out, my immediate future. Our house is finally selling and we will move to Boston at the end of May.



Tasha said...

Yay to your house selling!

steve said...


The dark side now knows where to find the chink in your armor. If every man has his price, your Faustian bargain will consist in sweet toothy offer you can't refuse!

Beware of confectioners with horns and hooves and pointy-tails!

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