Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Campus Crusade?

Mary Kathrine Ham: "An Iran-born recent grad of the University of North Carolina drives a rented SUV into a crowd of students in a popular campus gathering place, hitting nine and injuring six.

He calls 911 (audio of call, here) and tells the dispatcher why he did it: 'Really, it's to punish the United States government for its actions around the world.'

On his way to his hearing, he is asked by a reporter if he was trying to kill people. He answers very calmly, 'yes.'

In his hearing, he declares that he will represent himself with the help of Allah and that he is thankful for the opportunity to 'spread the will of Allah.'"

I'm glad this didn't displace the coverage of the Academy Awards because I was thrilled to see so many courageous films rejecting intolerance by Republicans (Good Night, Good Luck), Red States (Brokeback Mountain), and white people (Crash).

Who says Hollywood is out of touch? Except of course, George Clooney.


Michelle said...

Just a quick correction: Crash doesn't reject the intolerance of of white people. It rejects the racial intolerance of ALL people toward one another (Hispanic, Persian, Asian, White, Black)and how this intolerance rears its head during times of emotional stress. What we observe in this movie is not the average in and out day in LA, but a time when each character was in a severe period of stress thereby exposing their inward prejudices. If someone followed me around with a camera and was I caught in a high emotional time of stress with someone of another ethnic background (and not walking in the power of the Holy Spirit), I can't say with certainty that I wouldn't do the same and appear just as intolerant. I would like to think otherwise and would hope my response to be reflective of Christ. Those without Christ, however, don't even have such a standard.

McRyanMac said...


I agree that there was a plethora of racism in Crash, and much of it was by characters who were not white (which is unusual in American Film).

However, you must agree, that the most odious of racists depicted in the film, was Matt Dillon's character.

amy said...

I do not agree that Matt Dillon's character was the most odious of racists. In fact, I think his crime had far less to do with race and more to do with gender. Culturally speaking, women put up with all sorts of...crap...from men and deep down we know we "have to." Matt Dillon's character did not molest the husband -- only the wife -- even though they were both the same race.

Then again, what if Matt Dillon's character was the most odious of racists? In all my years in church -- I'm a whitey and go to whitey churches -- I have yet to hear one sermon on racism. I don't think we're doing too well on this issue. Maybe we are the worst offenders???

Michelle said...

Yeah, I think there might be something to the "white people might be the most odious racists" thing. It might or might not be true. Don't misunderstand me because I love white people as I continually work in an organization surrounded be them and have for years. :) The reason I think there is something to it is not because I think white people are intrinsically evil or anything like THAT. If there is truth to this, it's probably because whites have historically been and still are the overwhelming majority of those in positions of power. That's where the Mat Dillon character was, but he was also given the most heroic act of the movie. (Because he was in a position of power).

Now, I'll tell you of a beef I have with Hollywood as they really are equal opportunity offenders. I am offended that they continually type cast Hispanics and Blacks as drug dealers, gangsters, and low lives and Asians as evil people. Not to mention, minorities tend to get killed off faster in any adventure movie (for a funny commentary on this - watch Barbershop - it's worth your time and defintiely "rentable.") That's something about which ALL Christians should be banging on tables. Now that ought to REALLY throw Hollywood and its hypocrisy for a loop! Peace out!

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