Friday, March 24, 2006

A throwback to the olden days...

OpinionJournal - Best of the Web Today: "Who's the Boss?
'After being surprised by her husband's role in the Dubai ports deal, Sen. Hillary Clinton has insisted that Bill Clinton give her 'final say' over what he says and does, well-placed sources said,' New York's Daily News reports:

The former President agreed to give his wife a veto to avoid his habit of making controversial headlines that could hurt her chances of returning to the White House, multiple sources told the Daily News.

'He knows it's Hillary's time now,' said an adviser close to both Clintons who expects to play a key role in her likely 2008 presidential campaign.

Now perhaps this is more gossip than news, but can you imagine the outcry if, when Bill Clinton held office and Hillary didn't, someone had floated the story that he had demanded a 'veto' over her public statements?

C'mon, Bill, don't just stay home and bake cookies! Be a man, for heaven's sake!"

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