Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Academic Freedom; enemies and defenders

FrontPage :: Correction: Some Of Our Facts Were Wrong; Our Point Was Right by David Horowitz:

"The problem being that many professors seem to regard their classrooms as political soapboxes and require one “correct” answer to questions that are controversial.

Since the intent of many of the critics of our story is to put this view of what is going in our universities in question, allow me to point out that the president of Harvard has just been publicly humiliated by his faculty for expressing a politically incorrect opinion on a controversial subject. If the president of Harvard – a former member of the Clinton cabinet and a distinguished scholar in his own right -- can be humiliated by out-of-control ideologues on his faculty, imagine what these same faculty members will do to students over whom they have authority and grading power. That – and not a particular exam at the University of Northern Colorado – is the basis for our academic freedom campaign."

Think of this when you are saving money for a college education that will make you a "free" thinker. It's not free in any sense of the word.

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