Thursday, March 03, 2005

Dennis Prager spoke at CU - 5 America is good for Jews

One of the classic moments from last night's talk by Dennis Prager was when two students asked Dennis about how he can say that America is Judeo-Christian and good for Jews and that Europe is bad.

The two of them, in turn, read a list of examples of anti-Semitism in America. They questioned whether America could be described as Judeo-Christian.

They thought Dennis was too dismissive of Europe.

They said, in effect, that actions are more important than beliefs to judge a person or country and the anti-Semitic actions of Americans are more indicative than any Judeo-Christian values.

Prager's response was overpowering.

He said that he had written a book on anti-Semitism and he was familiar with the examples they gave. He asked them why they didn't include several other famous examples.

One of the students asked how he could dismiss Europe when it produced the likes of Einstein. To which Prager responded that Einstein fled Europe.

The crowd roared.

Prager then said that despite all of their examples, he could prove that America was the best country in history for Jews.

He asked the two students at the microphone if they were both Jewish. They said they were.

Prager then asked them why they would choose to live in America, when there is a Jewish state, if they really believed that America is so bad for Jews.

"Talked about your actions betraying your beliefs", Prager quipped. The crowd bellowed in uproarious laughter.


These two students slowly returned to their seats, encouraging one another and obviously licking their wounds.

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