Monday, March 07, 2005

Dateline and Michael Horton drop the hammer on Benny Hinn

Since I'm an alum of WTSC, I heard that Michael Horton was going to be on Dateline (what a lame web page for their coverage) tonight for their story on televangelist Benny Hinn.

I Tivo'd it and just finished watching with my wife.

We were sickened.

Being in ministry ourselves, our revulsion is particularly violent upon seeing the shameless manipulation for personal gain that characterized Benny Hinn's "ministry".

Most painful were the shots of the lame and ill who wait in the back to experience healing at a Hinn event, and go away with nothing but crushed hopes and less money.

This juxtaposed with Hinn "laying over" at the most expensive hotel suites from Cancun to Europe.

I consoled myself with this though.

Hinn's ministry is not part of the ECFA which includes reputable Christian organizations like the one I work for.

Mike Horton looked good. Fatherhood seems to agree with him. He's apparently had 4 since I left the seminary in 2000. He obviously takes seriously the part about God's promises "for your children also."

They highlighted his book on televangelism on the show. His organizations web site is full of resources. No blog though, which is very disappointing for a guy who thinks so highly of the Reformation. I think I'll send him a copy of this.

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