Thursday, March 03, 2005

Truth in Blogging: Full Disclosure

Before I post on Dennis Prager at CU last night. I need to reshape my blog and blogging life.

I have been reading Blog by Hugh Hewitt. It is a harbinger of change to alert the masses of information users that a new day has dawned in the world. The Information Reformation has reappeared, this time with a press that operates at the speed of light, that is available to anyone with a computer and access. The implications may make the Protestant Reformation look like minor episode in the story of the modern era.

I was struck by one idea in particular:

"The key to keep in mind is that trust drives everything. To build and maintain trust is a tremendously difficult thing, requiring patient attention to detail and discipline over long periods of time. Mistakes by bloggers will be forgiven, but not deception and certainly not stubborn attachment to falsehood...

"In a world changing as rapidly as ours is, only those who have earned and continue to earn trust will be in a position to influence the choices of third parties." pg. 155

I realized that I have not created my blog to build trust and create trust. That will change now.

I have changed my "about me" information to more clearly reflect who I am. I will now make my blog a reflection of my life and work, which happens to be Christian campus ministry.

I have feared being fully honest about who I am for a number of reason: mainly cowardice and a desire to control perceptions about me.

Yet in the blogosphere, the truth will come out. If someone wants to find out who I am, they probably can. If I'm not honest and forthright about who I am then I mortgage any trust that might be possible otherwise.

I am what I am. Me and Popeye. I hope you will help me correct the errors in my thinking. I hope I will earn your trust and add to the value of your life.

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