Thursday, March 03, 2005

Dennis Prager Spoke at CU Boulder - 2

Here's some highlights recreated from my notes during the talk:

Dennis began by saying "God has certainly seemed to have chosen CU". Dennis didn't spend very much time talking about the specific topic which was: "Why are America and Israel the Two Most Hated Nations?"

He did spend a lot of time speaking about the issues of Ward Churchill and the radicalized nature of Academia.

Dennis called Churchill's "little Eichmanns" comment "sick" and the equivalent of saying that blacks who were lynched deserved to be so.

More interesting was Prager's question regarding the response of faculty at Universities. He said in effect , what would be the reaction of faculty if a professor at CU said that blacks deserved to be lynched. The outcry would be great, as it should be. And so the deafening silence of faculty regarding "little Eichmanns" is as morally repugnant as silence in the face of racist comments. But the faculty on university campuses like CU can only muster outrage at sickening comments from the right, and ignore sickening comments from the left.

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