Thursday, March 03, 2005

A Kerry Democrat: What happened to my party?

Dennis is playing a clip from last night from a CU student who worked for the Kerry campaign. I'll reproduce a paraphrase:

I don't like Michael Moore, I don't like Howard Dean and I don't agree with what Ward Churchill said. Those people in the world trade center just got up and went to work.

I don't know if I'm a Democrat any more because I can't hang out with people like this. I don't know if if I'm a Republican either. I don't know if you are my people.

Dennis' response spoke about how he was caught between the amoral left that ignored the evils of Communism, and the propaganda that Republicans are evil.

"Your party is lost", Prager said. He referred to Martin Peretz (hat tip The Belmont Club) as saying this as well.

He also talked about how as an observant Jew who went through a non-kosher period, that it was much harder to vote republican the first time than it was to eat pork the first time.

A black woman is calling Dennis right now talking about how she was shaking in November when she voted republican the first time. She said her mother would be rolling in her grave.

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bodhi said...

As a radical, i hope that one day both democrats and republicans will be hanging from the same tree. This last election was shameful for both parties and to anyone who still calls themselves americans

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