Wednesday, March 23, 2005 Goodbye Microsoft!

Have you seen this. WOW! Home Page

A friend of mine just gave me this new teaching.


Anonymous said...

Ryan, is cool, but does have real problems converting .xls calculations and complex word documents .doc (mainly formatting).

It's a pretty cool suite of tools which I used for a while but was forced to switch back, b/c everyone else uses the real deal, and my documents wouldn't open and sometimes looked like crap when they did. Not good for the business. So it looks like Microsoft wins again, for now, but keep an eye on Google :)

-- chambo

Franki said...

Open is about to release version 2 of the office suit. It is much better at document conversions. I've been using the beta 2.0 for all my client communications and have yet to have an issue. It also looks far better then the old 1.x

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