Thursday, March 03, 2005

Dennis Prager Spoke at CU Boulder - 4 Jews and Christians

Dennis Prager said that there is an alliance of Jews and Christians in America today that is unlike anything in history.

Jews protested for the cross to remain on the seal of LA County.

Christians are working for the good of Israel.

Dennis sees this as a powerful alliance. I remember Dennis talking about dialogue that occurred between Jews and Christians following the release of The Passion. He said it was very positive. Wouldn't it be ironic if a movie that was described by the ADL as anti-Semitic was a cause of greater unity between Jews and Christians?

Dennis asked last night why the leaders of the ADL shouldn't be fired for being so wrong about The Passion. He accused them of slandering Christians by accusing them of the possibility of violence accompanying the release of the film. Prager also asked why the ADL doesn't condemn people like Ward Churchill who trivialize the holocaust by improperly citing Adolph Eichmann.

Maybe the ADL is growing in their moral acuity.

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